About Us

Jubbalandese Charity Centre (JCC) is a non-governmental, non-political and non-profit making charity organization, established in 1993 by Somali intellectuals in order to mitigate the impact of civil war in Somalia in 1992 and the need to respond to increased suffering, starvation and deaths among communities affected by the double tragedy of war and famine.

JCC has over fifteen years of experience in designing and implementing community-based relief, rehabilitation, and development projects. One of the major assets of the JCC is its qualified professionals who have experience in the fields of program design and implementation. During its existence, the organization managed to conduct various needs assessments through participatory method to asses the priority needs of the local people. JCC has a wealth of experience in partnership building and collaborated with various UN agencies, International NGOs and members of the community to implement program and achieve its goals.

JCC is a member of the Flood Working Group and is being elected as the lead agency for flood response in Buale, Salagle and Saakow districts. It is also a member of the Somalia NGOs consortium, the SSS, the Peace and Human Rights Network (PHRN) and, Juba Organizations and Institutions Networking Together (JOINT).
Since its inception,  JCC has conducted leadership workshops and implemented interventions meant to promote livelihood security of the various communities in Middle Juba Region. With energetic and trained manpower and legal registration , the organization has the capability to implement this project with the full participation of the concerned communities.

Contacts Us

P.O. Box: 27504 – 00100,
Nairobi, Kenya
Tel: 0203740141
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JCC strives to realize community empowerment and sustainable development of the pastoral, agro-pastoral and riverine communities in the Horn of Africa.


JCC’s mission is to reduce vulnerability of communities and their livelihoods through a rights based approach while diversifying their economies, restoration of peace and harmony among the diverse communities, by empowering and building the capacity of marginalized and vulnerable communities resident in the Horn of Africa.

Core Objective

Formed over twenty years ago with the primary objective of expanding opportunities for and access to basic socio-political and economic needs and services; JCC ensures that human rights principles and ideals are integrated and considered in its projects right from design, planning, community mobilization and sensitization, and implementation.

Core Values

The achievement of JCC’s mission and objectives in operation is made easy by the organizations core values and beliefs. These are:
  •   Respect
  •   Integrity
  • Innovation