Livestock Projects

In early 2006 JCC and COSV have jointly implemented cash for work program through which communal dams and water catchments in pastoral areas of Middle Juba region were rehabilitated. JCC and COSV have also implemented introduction of sheep farming into the riverine livelihood zone of Middle Juba region.

Domestic animals are some of the key productive resources among the pastoral and agro-pastoral Somali communities. Often, they contribute to the household’s food security status through sales, slaughter, as well as milk from the goats, cattle and camels. However, this productive resource is variously affected by the natural resource conditions and have as a result been one of the key drivers of conflict among various communities owing to pasture and water resource scarcity.

To alleviate some of the pressures that livestock keeping communities have to contend with and thus minimize the possibilities of resource based conflicts, JCC implements various interventions with its partners. This includes community training in pasture preservation and commercialization technologies to take advantage of rainy seasons as well as the distribution of tools and equipment to use in pasture preservation. JCC also provides animal water drinking facilities and structures for both the pastoral and agro-pastoral communities. With this, JCC has contributed to the reduction of water resource based conflicts.

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