Given the extensive lack of well developed water infrastructure in the areas that JCC operates, the enhancement of access to clean affordable water forms one of the Key Pillars of JCC’s WASH interventions. In particular, JCC enhances access to clean water through among other things the construction and rehabilitation of boreholes, shallow wells and water catchments. At the same time, JCC actively distributes WASH supplies such as aquatabs and water markers to households with a view to encouraging household level treatment of water while also chlorinating shallow wells in the region with a view to minimizing incidences of water borne diseases such as AWD / Cholera. At the same time, JCC also distributes closed-mouthed water storage containers such as collapsible jerry cans in order to improve the storage of water at the household level. During periods of population displacements either due to harsh weather conditions or conflicts, JCC addresses the clean water needs of communities through water trucking and water vouchers at set points along the population movement points.

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