HIV/AIDS Focussed Healthcare

HIV&AIDS has become the single most serious disease in the world and has far-reaching social and economic effects. HIV/AIDS prevalence in Somalia is regarded as low despite the high prevalence of HIV/AIDS in the surrounding countries of Djibouti, Ethiopia and Kenya. However, very mobile high risk groups have had an effect, and the numbers are changing. Somalia has a high prevalence of Sexually Transmitted Infections and low awareness on HIV transmission. Combined with high levels of stigma and discrimination, these factors could quickly evolve into a serious problem unless there is rapid and adequate support for carefully designed HIV/AIDS prevention and control across Somalia.

JCC has been working on Community Awareness Raising and Advocacy with the focus on stigma reduction with religious leaders,trained youth, Community based Organizations, Media groups, Women groups representatives in an effort to equip them to play a greater role in addressing issues related to HIV and AIDS in their communities. In December 2006 JCC implemented Oxfam Novib funded HIV/AIDS awareness program in Bu’ale, Salagle and Saakow towns. Series of workshops and seminars was organized for various community groups in these districts.

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