Basic Education

Over the past 20 years of the conflict in Somalia since the collapse of the Central Government, the basic infrastructure has fallen apart with services such as basic education completely missing or being provided in an ad hoc manner contingent on the availability of donor funds. Needless to say, the focus on international humanitarian relief has rarely been on the education infrastructure but on issues considered to be more pressing such as WASH, Health, Nutrition and Food Security. While acknowledging that there exists a valid basis for this, it is also important to recognize that the persistent recurrence of this is linked to the low rates of literacy in the country.

The basic fundamental right of any child after food, shelter and health is education. An educated child is the leader of tomorrow, doctor of tomorrow, pilot of tomorrow, engineer of tomorrow, conflict solver of tomorrow and who knows a game changer. In Somalia where war, famine, devastation and illiteracy had been the order of the day, chiidren are the most neglected ones. Children at the age of school going are sent to look after animals, fight in the wars, and severely malnourished ones stay at home to see whether they live to see the next day.

Cognizant of the possible outcomes of lack of basic education in the Somali community, JCC is committed to the provision of basic education to the vulnerable communities of Somalia. JCC basic education interventions follow a participatory approach which first seeks to trigger community realization and appreciation of the importance of education both basic and otherwise. JCC helps communities in constructing mobiles schools for pastoralist and permanent schools for the urban, agro-pastoral and riverine populations. JCC also enhances the capacity of the teachers and trainee teachers with a view to addressing the quality of education in the prevailing situation. We also provide psycho-therapy to child soldiers and encourage them to attend to schools.

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