Technical and Vocational Education and Training

On going capentry clases On going capentry clases

 Sharif shaib, Facilitator giving Honey processing demostration to students, JCC Buale Resource Centre.

On going Female tailoring clasess

Ongoing tailoring classes for female.

Male  tailoring student in class

Through its Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) intervention, JCC seeks to impart gainful employment skills among the youth with aview to enhancing their participation in the economic reconstruction of the country. At the same time, the alternative livelihood approach of which technical and vocational skills are part of offers an opportunity for peace building and for making the youth and the broader Somali society stakeholders in a stable and peaceful Somalia.

The TVET interventions by JCC are also key to the reduction of the observable vulnerability of the Somali you and in particular the women and subsequent generations. In many areas of Somalia, entire communities have been repeatedly affected by natural and man-made shocks, including drought, conflict and rising food prices. Reliance on the natural weather crop and animal production exposes the poor pastoral and agro-pastoral households to climatic shocks resulting in extreme poverty, food insecurity and high levels of malnutrition. This is compounded by low levels of education and little or no value addition which reduces the effective value of the natural crop and animal production approaches.

JCC is thus leveraging the available human resource in the form of the youth through training in technical and vocational skills with a view to seeking alternative employment opportunities as well as value addition in the pastoral, agro-pastoral and riverine communities in Somalia. The youth are thus capacity built in common high demand technical skills such agro-processing for value addition in the agricultural sector, tailoring, masonry, carpentry, basket weaving and marketing. JCC is also exploring mechanisms for linking the training youth to markets, providing seed capital to the youth entrepreneurs and organizing the youth into groups which are mentored by experienced craftsmen in these fields.

JCC also trains community-based organizations in a range of skills, including entrepreneurial development, literacy, and small-scale income-generating activities. This is informed by the realization that economic growth in Somalia will not be achieved through singularly focused and rigid approaches result from one single intervention, but rather from dynamic, innovative and multi-pronged approaches.

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