JCC is currently running Health and Nutrition programs in Bu ale and Salagle Districts of Middle Juba. In the Nutrition program it’s aimed at the vulnerable groups of Children under 5 as well as Pregnant and Lactating Women. It has a total of 31 SFP sites and 25 OTP sites in both districts in which severely malnourished children with complications are referred to; there are 2 SC sites and 2 MCH centers focused on the maternal health

Due to the recent famine crisis in parts of Lower Juba, it embarked on an emergency nutrition response which is aimed at scaling up the ongoing nutrition intervention. In order to reach the greater population unable to access the nutrition sites, JCC has been conducting mobile nutritional services to the populations through outreach programs.

JCC is currently conducting MUAC/oedema/WFH screening for both children under-five and pregnant and lactating women. During screening, those identified as malnourished are counseled on appropriate children feeding and caring practices.

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